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          Up Lighting

Uplighting is a popular lighting effect used for special events. The effect is created by placing small lights on the floor and aiming them up. This creates a vertical beam of light -- hence the name "up lighting." Uplights are commonly used on walls, backdrops, pillars, tents, and trees. Uplighting is an effective way to change the look of a room and add ambiance for an event.

All our up Lights are wireless and cordless and can be placed anywhere in the room.

Up Lights can be set to almost any color.

During the Reception the Lights can be set to sound mode so they can change color and add energy and excitement when your guest are dancing.

                  Up Light pricing



Package 1       4 Up Lights       150$


Package 2       8 Up Lights       250$





  Please contact our sales department    

                     for availably


                   702 275 6893


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