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Customer Testimonials

"DJ Murphy was great! He did an amazing job keeping everyone happy and made us feel so special. DJ Murphy nailed it. So easy to work with and kept everything on time and kept the show going. We fell in love with his personality and kindness."

- Jenny & Jeremy Darling - 1.18.14

"DJ Murphy was AWESOME!!!! Not only did he provide great music for everyone of all ages, he had a sense of humor that kept our guests smiling. He was very helpful throughout the entire process and met with my husband and I on the rehearsal date. We had numerous compliments from our guests on how much they enjoyed DJ Murphy. I would highly recommend Las Vegas Wedding Guy to any bride who is looking for a DJ."

- Carolyn & Andrew Bramley - 3.29.14

"DJ Murphy - this man went above and beyond from the word go! May be a strange thing to say about the DJ but he kept me so calm and made my day EXTRAORDINARY!! The soundtrack for our day was beyond perfect!!!!!

- Jessica & Ron Eggers - 4.26.14

DJ Murphy went way above and beyond anything that we could have ever asked for. Not only is he a fantastic DJ and made sure that the event flowed seamlessly, he also graciously stepped in and took photographs for us with his personal camera when our photographer did not show up. It is fair to say...he saved the day!!

- Erin & Karen Sandoval - 8.16.14

DJ Murphy was the best!! He made things very easy for us by giving us a sheet where all you have to do is basically fill in the blanks. When we were having trouble figuring out some songs, DJ Murphy was also right there to answer my emails. We had a phone conversation as well that totally reassured me when I was stressed out. The day of the wedding all the music was perfect and he tailored to our group perfectly. He kept the ball rolling on our time schedule but at the same time made us feel relaxed. We had quite a few kids in our wedding and he was really great with letting them be involved and that was important to us. He was just awesome!

- Theresa & Branden McBride - 11.7.14

DJ Murphy! This man is amazing because he kept me calm and reminded me that everything is going to be okay. I appreciated how flexible and patient he was. DJ Murphy is well versed and personable. Next thing I knew he was able to extract information about my likes and dislikes of music. And low and behold..I got DISNEY music playing during the reception!!! Did I mention that DJ Murphy is superb???

- Crystal & Eddie Suarez - 12.13.14

DJ Murphy is one of, if not the best, DJ's I have ever worked with. He made the entire event worry free, enjoyable for everyone present, and is an excellent DJ and host. We enjoyed working with him in the planning process and were so fortunate to have him part of our day. At all times we knew were in great hands.

- Vinay & Krista Yadav - 12.5.14

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